Anambra State Football: NFF officially becomes Obiano’s attack dog


The Governor of Anambra State, Willy Obiano

Ndi Anambra had always known that Obiano’s nightmare and the only man he fears on this planet is Sen Ifeanyi Ubah ever since he delivered Obiano whilst in APGA, to disgracing him with YPP to become a Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 
Obiano who has been conniving with the NFF, came up with a publication through his Commissioner in which he explicitly said that “No Elections Into Any Position of Any Organization Has Been Sanctioned owing to COVID-19 pandemic” but yesterday, under the supervision of one Gusau from Zamfara State, a man who has no single investment in Nigeria Football, a meeting was not just held but a new drama club was inaugurated which is in direct defiance to the directives of Obiano 
Now I ask the following:
1. Why did Obiano attempt to stop the FA elections when he has no single input in Sports in Anambra State? 
2. Why didn’t Obiano sanction the formation of the drama club even when the ban has not been lifted? 
3. The NFF claims the previous elections didn’t hold as a result of the statement made by the State Government, so why did the same NFF go ahead to constitute a body for the same State with the ban still in place? 
4. The Electoral Committee has come out to say that they stand by the duly conducted virtual elections in its entirety. So which other elections are the drama club after? 
5. If the NFF says it doesn’t support disobedience of government directives, then why has it gone ahead to also disobey the government not just by constituting a drama club but by meeting physically as well? So the NFF broke 2 rules at once
6. Why didn’t the NFF constitute the drama club virtually or do they want Ndi Anambra to die of covid-19?
7. Is Gusau homeless or now the official errand boy and attack dog of Obiano? How can a man as old as he is be running around the country shamelessly just to ferment trouble and constitute a nuisance even against Government directives? 
8. The Anambra Football Congress and the Electoral Committee do not recognise any drama club or any acronym they wish to go by, now or ever 
9. Ndi Anambra are fully behind their bona-fide Chairman and the biggest investor in Sports in Africa, Sen Ifeanyi Ubah for the next 4yrs or till when he chooses to step down of his own accord 
10. The NFF must obey the laws of Anambra State Government and thus, the drama club is null and void for the very same reasons the NFF gave for annulling the very first election 

©Ugochukwu ‘Thanos’ Ifeanyi Media/Sports Consultant write from Maitama, Abuja


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