Behold the democratic Lioness of APC Uju Kennedy Ohanenye, a super mother


By Charles Edet

Determined to travel the miles of rough political highway , dotted with potholes of uncertainty that resists smooth drive, yet she wades through the forests of men to aspire for the ultimate office in the country.
What endears her most to the hears of indigent Nigerians is her immense commitment in hospitality, domestic, social and political engineering having shown unmeasurable love and caring to the grassroot most particularly the indigent, youths, widows , widowers and even rehabilitation of beggars in most metropolitan cities.
The lioness characteristics in her is manifest in her consistent attitude of feeding the poor and empowering the indigent needy amongst Nigerians.
Halima Umani Halilu, from Zamfara, an APC benefactor of her benevolence, said she is likened to a lioness that catches the prey to serve her curbs and the community including the lions( the men).
Haliman , prayed that Allah should protect ,guide and grant Barr. Uju Ohanneye the presidential ticket and robust health to emerge as Nigeria’s president.


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