Exclusive: Plateau state govt. alleges Boboye runs away with official car …It’s not true; GM Plateau Utd gives me the car – Boboye


Coach Kennedy Boboye

By Raphael Ekpang

All seems not well with the relationship between the government of Plateau State and its former employee (Former coach of Plateau United), Kennedy Boboye as the former has alleged that the later ran away with his official car after leaving the club.

Corereporters gathered exclusively that when Boboye was leaving the club two years ago he went away with the club’s official car attached to him and since then he has not being able to return the car to the club.

Our impeccable source from the ministry of Sports in Plateau State said that they are not owned Boboye any money rather he (Boboye) is to balance the government some money because they valued the car he ran away with more than N2.5m he is claiming we are owning him.

“Boboye left Plateau Utd almost two years ago and he ran away with the official car that was attached to him, now he is making noise that the government of our state is owned him N2.5million, has he forgotten that he stole our car? I want to advise him to shut up and be ashamed of himself.

 “We have reported him to all the security agencies and we are sure that in no distance time he will be arrested for stealing government property,” Our source said.

However, Coach Kennedy Boboye in an exclusive interview with Corereporters debunked the allegations that he ran away with the club’s car, he said it was not true that he ran away with the car; rather the car was given to him by the General Manager of the club.

“How can I run away with a car, it is not possible, a car that was given to me by the GM.

“Is it because they owed me money if that is how they want it fine. The car is not my problem I can return the car back to them so that they can pay me the money they are owning me. They held my N2.5million, they should pay me, I don’t have a problem with a car.

When asked if he is ready to balance the government because the car was valued above N2.5m, he said, “It is not possible, it was not a new brown car that was given to me, how can they valued it more than N2.5m, they are indebted to me, let them pay me my money,” he queried.


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