Multi-purpose Cooperative Society Limited set for business carnival in Abuja


Mr Joseph Omojo Obaje

Mr Joseph Omojo Obaje, the chairman of the 2015 multi-purpose Cooperative Society Limited has said that his company is on the verge of organising first-ever business carnival and summit in Abuja.
Obaje made this known on Monday in an exclusive interview with Core Reporters in Abuja. According to him, the idea behind it is to bring people from all walks of life to come and have fun. He noted that, It is discovered that there is a tense situation around business owners, so they want to pull them out from that tense situations and allow them to have fun while in the business.
“And in the process of having that fun, they will be able to do some sells because people will come to Showcase their product and services. And so many would also come to buy what they sell.
” We’re going to have time for Summit, where trainings for startups and training for those who have failed business. On that note, we have what we call the Business Trauma Clinic, where we attend to people who have a failed business, or whose businesses, are on the very edge of failing 
“We have time to have one-on-one talk with them and see how we can help them get their business back, and  perhaps how to help them to start up a business,”
Mr Obaje also said that children are not going to be left behind at the carnival, adding that  they are going to have a section for the children, so that as the children are on holiday, they can come and catch fun with their parents who will be attending the summit.
 ” The children also will be in the airplane Center having fun. So it’s going to be a moment of serious activities where everybody that comes for the Carnival will have a time in history.
However, the carnival billed to take place between August 17 to 24, at the velodrome  of the Parkage A of the MKO National Stadium, Abuja and will run from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m daily.”we are going to have entertainers that will come in their numbers to entertain people. We will also be having Beauty pageant display in the course of the carnival. In fact is going to be fun.”The  Carnival will be having parades. People will showcase their hand work, for instance the mechanics will come in their attires. The fashion designers as well as others will come and showcase their business and occupations.
 ” We have heard of  some many Caliber of Festivals; Abuja Festival, Calabar Carnival and so on but this time around we want to take time to celebrate businesses. Because businesses has not been celebrated in this country so we want to celebrate businesses. “The Akara sellers need to be celebrated, the woman roasting corn by the roadside need to be celebrated, the lady hawking grand nut on her head needs to be celebrated and when they discover that the people are celebrating them they will not know the value of what we call dignity in labor.” It is only in this country that people are shy of what they do. The reason why they are shy of what they do is because we don’t have respect for Dignity of Labor. So this Carnival is to provide that platform where you will be celebrated for whatever you are doing in as much as you are not stealing the platform is yours. So we are inviting everybody, the would be business people and the business people and the students that want to learn. 
Meanwhile, the organisers of the event said they are partnering the National Association of Nigeria Traders,   Association of small scale industrialists, Abuja Enterprises agency,  Premium, Trust Bank, USAID, among others 


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