Naira SWAP: Bank compliance officer tasks colleagues with reducing people’s suffering


By Peace Ekpang

A compliance officer of one of the banks in the federal capital territory (FCT), Femi Adebayo has said that it’s important for banks to attend to customers with human faces in order to reduce their suffering.

Adebayo in an exclusive chat with New National Star said their branch does not derive joy in seeing others suffering which is why he decided to make sure every customer who visit their branch went back a bit satisfied.

He noted that as a compliance officer, he takes very seriously ‘queuing management’, saying the only way to attend to customers who are frustrated with the new naira note policy was to be humane when dealing with them.

He said the problem of the naira crisis is beyond the banks, so the only way to handle or attempt to satisfy customers is by being truthful and faithful to them, and that is what Ecobank Wuse 2 branch does.

“You see my brother, we must be truthful and faithful to our customers at this critical stage because what the customers want from us is truthfulness, if the money is there let them know and give it to them and if it’s not there tell them. Don’t keep them waiting or drop little for them and allow them to fight and kill themselves, help organize them to have decorum in your branch. Why you heard them talk about our service here, and what I do is because nobody can influence me or the leadership of our branch here with money because customers are the reason we are here and not individuals. If we have little money from the CBN we make sure it goes around no matter how little it may be, but the most important thing is that everyone takes something home, and that is my joy,” he said.

You cannot overlook hundred of persons waiting to withdraw maybe two or five thousand naira for their daily living from the Automated Teller Machine (ATM) and pack the money to one customer for reasons I don’t know.

“Meanwhile, some Customers who spoke with our reporters while in the queue said they prefer coming to Ecobank at Adetukumbo Ademola crescent Wuse 2 Abuja because of the way Mr. Femi Adabayo treat them whenever they are around.

Ngozi Ikechkwu said, “I love coming here every day because Mr. Adebayo always organizes us and make things easy for us, unlike other banks and branches where their staff will line up and withdraw the little money at the ATM machine before allowing us customers to come close.”

Peter Adams on his part said, this branch of Ecobank is something else, any time you come here you must see Mr. Adebayo, and once he is around there is no how one cannot get something from the bank whether you are their customer or not.


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