Nigeria football needs surgical operations-Amb. Kaave


Former Nigeria Ambassador to Argentina, His Excellency,Bars Ignatius Chive Kaave,

By Our Reporters

Former Nigeria Ambassador to Argentina, His Excellency,Bars Ignatius Chive Kaave, has finally broken his silence over the state of the Nigeria football, that is presently at its lowest ebb.

In an exclusively interview with Corereporters, the former Legal Adviser cum Company Secretary of Benue Cement Company, BCC, lamented that unless an  immediate surgical operations are being performed on the willing Nigeria Football, the situation would be irredeemable, in the nearest future

Speaking in a rapid-fire, in the comfort of one of the Luxury Apartment of his Posh Chateau Victoria Hotel Lodge, the former result oriented chairman of BCC Lions football club of Gboko (now defunct) revealed that it was lamentable that Nigeria Football, is presently playing second fiddle at both the Africa and the World scenes.

The erstwhile Attorney General and Commissioner of Justice, Benue State was specific about the lethargic performances, quality/techniques and the dexterity of Nigeria’s domestic coaches

Specifically, Kaave whom is not only a chieftain of the PDP, but a former Gubernatorial aspirant of the party in Benue State, lamented that Nigeria unlike before has lost her element of the feat factor

Said he, “gone were the days when the mention of the Super Eagles of Nigeria struck fears on the minds of our Soccer foes at both Africa and beyond

“The abysmal state of our football transients through the women and age groups cadres (male and women categories), where we’re once the ‘Invisibles’

“Ironically, our flag bearers at the continents are not faring better, as they hardly reach or perform optimally at the group stages”

On how to revive the dwindling fortunes of Nigeria Football at both country and club levels, the ex-NFA (now NFF)Vice Chairman, advised that Nigeria must return to the grassroots, upgrade the football academies to International standard (with affiliations to top European Clubs and other reputable football nations),and above all, continuous retraining of our coaches.

On the soccer arbiter’s standard performances, Kaave was of the opinion that unless Nigeria Football Leagues are beamed live on television, the standard of officiating would remain static

You may wish to recall that, Nigeria Football (male and women), with the age groups cadres failed to qualify or perform optimally in designated Championships

Further recall that the NNF and some of its affiliates are in legal battles in Nigeria courts, for one disagreements or the other


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