Nigeria will overcome security challenges, Palestinian envoy assures


By Raphael Ekpang

Despite the worsening security situation in Nigeria, the Palestine Ambassador to Nigeria, His Excellency, Mr Ahmed El-Kachach has said that Nigeria can overcome the monster.

Mr. El- Kachach,  who spoke with New  National Star last week Thursday in Abuja when he received a merit award of excellence from the National Union of Northern Nigeria Students, in collaboration with the Nigerian Council for Self and Unemployed Graduates (NCSUG), Federation of Muslim Women in Nigeria (FOMWAN), Dorcas Women Care and Aid Foundation (DOWCAF) and the World Prince of Peace Movement (WPPM)  said he believes that though Nigeria is passing through security challenges at the moment but will overcome it with time.

He noted that terrorism is a global phenomenon, so Nigeria is not alone in it but insisted that judging from experience and his belief; Nigeria has the capacity to defeat the insurgence.

He also advised that Nigerians should unite together and always see themselves as Nigerians and avoids those lines that are capable of dividing them against themselves the more such as; religion, ethnicity and so on, that the way he said the bond among citizens will grow stronger and many things will naturally, fall in place for the country.

According to him, “I know that Nigeria is a strong country, no matter the recent security challenges Nigeria government will surely overcome it, Nigeria has overcome bigger challenges than this in the past.

“But one thing I will like to say is that Nigerians should unite together, especially now that the country is facing security challenges so that together they can defeat the enemies of the country.


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