OPAAN accuses FG of neglecting Ndokwa nation


President Muhammadu Buhari

By Our Reporter

The Oil Producing Areas Association Of Nigeria (OPAAN) Delta State chapter, has condemned the negligence of the Ndokwa Nation by the Federal Government in spite of their contributions to the federal coffers.

 Ndokwa Nation is one of the ethnic nationalities in the Niger Delta region producing the crude oil and gas, which the Nigerian  government depends on solely today for her survival.

In a statement issued by the group and signed by its chairman Rev Jonathan-Davids       Dike ( ADRI ), the group lamented the absence of social amenities in the area despite been an oil producing committee from the Niger Delta region.

“We produce crude oil and gas yet NO visible infrastructures, NO pipe borne water, NO good hospital, NO road access to most of the  communities  bearing the oil facilities. Ndokwa Nation is the host of the independent power project that is supplying uninterrupted electricity to Aso Rock and the National Assembly complex yet NO electricity in Ndokwa Nation.

“Today, the oil exploration has rendered our farmlands and territorial waters useless, thereby causing hardship and poverty to our people of the OIL RICH NIGER DELTA region, while the proceeds of their God given resources, is being used to develop Abuja and other regions of Nigeria,” OPAAN chairman said.

Corereporters reported that while the   oil exploration has subjected the people to near permanent hardship and total impoverishment, members of the political class are feeding fat from the proceeds of their oil. Meanwhile, the OPAAN has declared it unacceptable and  is joining Ndokwas , Ijaws,  Isokos, Urhobos  and itsekiris of Delta State  to say enough is enough. Federal Government SHOULD give the people all that is due them AND listen to their cries now.

According to them, other  Oil producing countries like the USA, United Arab Emirate, Kuwait, Switzerland etc, the host communities of oil exploration ,  enjoy good roads and other infrastructural benefits such as portable water system, health care facilities, schools and they are equitably recompensed in every way possible.

“The protest by the people of Ndokwa Nation on the August 13th, 2020 was a wakeup call on President Muhammadu Buhari to address the demands of the people. We are strongly behind Ndokwa in their protest and urged Mr President to pay attention to the demands of  Ndokwa Nation. If their demands are not addressed, we in OPAAN will NOT HESITATE to take legal actions against the Nigerian Government for rendering the region’s farmlands and territorial waters useless as a result of THE OIL EXPLOITATION AND exploration.

“While we blame the Federal Government for not developing the host communities, we will also not exonerate the State Governors of the Niger Delta oil rich region, who HAVE over the years misappropriated the 13% derivation fund MEANT for the development of the oil producing communities

“OPAAN demands and enjoins Government at all levels to adopt a proper system of equitable distribution and allocation of resources for the development of the oil producing areas THAT SUFFER THE BRUNT OF THE OIL AND GAS EXTRACTIONS IN NIGERIA,” the OPAAN’s chairman stated.


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