We’ve not endorsed Arthur Eze as Life Patron, Igbo Traditional Rulers in Diaspora cry out


Arthur Eze

By Our Correspondent

The Association of Ndieze Igbo N’Uzoije (Diapora) has debunked the speculation making the round that it has endorsed Arthur Eze as its Life Patron, saying that it is the handiwork of the fifth columnists.

In a press statement issued by the Senior Special Assistant (Media) to Eze Dr Uche Egenti (MON) {Treasurer and Chairman, Igbo Traditional Rulers Council, FCT),

 Oguchukwu Achizea, the organization absolves itself of any tacit endorsement of Prince Arthur Eze as its Life Patron.

The association referred to the said statement as the handiwork of fifth columnists and agents provocateurs who are hell-bent on tarnishing the reputation and good image of the organization and its officials who have staked their lives for the peaceful development and harmonious living of all sons and daughters of the Igbos all over the world.

The statement added that the name of the organization was merely used as a hatchet job by mischief makers whose sole aim is to cause disaffection and malice amongst the association of the Ndieze Igbo N’Uzoije across the globe, as well as drag its name into public ridicule and odium.

The statement further revealed that the body has not in any of its meetings deliberated upon, or discussed the issue, not to talk of endorsing such a statement credited to its executives. The SSA explained that the Ndieze of Lagos, Eze Christian Nwachukwu, is neither a financial member of the association nor even a card carrying member, and does not represent the interest of the organization in whatever capacity, and, as such, the statement emanating from him should be disregarded and discountenanced by well-meaning sons and daughters of Igbo extraction

According to the statement, “the Eze of Lagos did not discuss nor take the permission of the Ezes listed in his statement to issue such a statement on a crucial issue that is tantamount to cause disaffection and change the mandate for which the body stands.”

The SSA wondered that to the chagrin of the association, it was found out that some unscrupulous persons asked that the name of the Chairman of Igbo Traditional Rulers’ Council, FCT, Eze Uche Egenti should be dragged into the issue so as to settle personal scores and malign Eze Egenti’s reputation. The statement added that Eze Egenti is not a co-traveller of authors of the statement allegedly endorsing Prince Arthur Eze as Life Patron and that the issue was never even discussed in any meeting, neither were any instructions given to any person by Eze Egenti to the effect to issue such a statement.

For the avoidance of doubt, the association said it only recognizes Eze Dr. Boniface Ibekwe (Ezeigbo Kano) as President; Eze Sir Gregory Iloehika (Ezeigbo Akure) as Deputy President; Eze Sir Adiele Maduagwu (Ezeigbo Rivers/Bayelsa) as Secretary-General; Eze Dr Pampas Wahiwe,President,Ndieze of 19 Northern States and Abuja and Eze Dr Uche Egenti (MON) as Treasurer and Chairman, Igbo Traditional Rulers Council, FCT respectively.

The organization warns that any statement purported to have emanated from it and not carrying or bearing the above officers attached to the Ezeigbos, is false, mischievous, malicious and, as such, should be jettisoned by sons and daughters of Igbo extraction as it maintained that Eze Egenti will never be part of such charade or an association with dubious intention to join issues with prominent Igbo leaders.

The organization therefore, urged the Ndigbo in particular and Nigerians in general to disregard the statement spearheaded by Fred Nwajagu of Isiagu Kingdom  purportedly endorsing Prince Arthur Eze as the association’s Life Patron as a figment of imagination of the authors of the said statement and therefore, should be disregarded forthwith. Concluding, the organization reiterated that, at no meeting was such a decision tabled, deliberated upon to endorse Prince Arthur Eze, or anyone for that matter, as Life Patron of the association. The organization issued a stern and final warning to   Fred Nwajagu and his co-travellers to desist from such acts or face prosecution.


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