Who killed Olumide?


Late Ajewole Olumide Oluwanifemi

By Raphael Ekpang 

On August 26 barely two months on Monday October 26 Ajewole Olumide Oluwanifemi was allegedly killed by men of the underworld while hanging out with his Likeminds at Spotlight Garden (Park 862, B03) Wuye district, Abuja after the close of work.
Olumide untill his death was a staff of the Department of State Security (DSS) and a member of Likeminds FC of Abuja.

His death and events that followed are of great concern to his family and members of Likeminds FC. Within a space of time after his death; (the garden was demolished by the Federal Capital Territory Authority “FCTA” and “WTL Properties & Estate Limited made what looked like suspicious attempt to quickly move in to build a filling station in a land that was designated for garden and green areas, and that action of theirs  has left many tongues wagging over the untimely death of Olumide.
It was reported that armed robbers struck at Spotlight Garden at Wuye district of Abuja and robbed members of the Likeminds FC who were in a meeting on that fateful night and killed one of their members Olumide who was also a security officer.

Untill date, members of Likeminds FC and his family are still agitating over the cause of Olumide’s death sequel to the events that followed-up the death as it concern the said plot of land. Of course, it has remain a talking point amongst members of Likeminds FC and his family especially been the fact that he was a security officer, and the land in question has been a subject of litigation where a group of alleged land Mafias are bent in claiming the land under any circumstances.

However, it was also reported that “WTL Properties & Estate Limited.” allegedly forged documents of the said property in order to enable build a filling station contrary to it earlier allocation  to the Catholic Archdiocese of Abuja (Our Lady Queen Peace Parish) which was designated for garden and green areas.
  “WTL Properties & Estate Limited.” has been dragging the ownership of the plot with the church, and you will wonder where that courage is coming from.
The case with Suit No FCT/HC/CV /1830/2019 is in the Federal High Court of the Federal Capital Territory between Prince Esom Nwafor-Orizu (Doing Business In The Name and Style of Erica Nigeria Limited). The Incorporated Trustees of Royal Sports Club International Abuja.Catholic Archdiocese of Abuja.
And the Hon Minister of F C TFederal Capital Development Authority,Abuja  Metropolitan Management Council and WTL Properties & Estate Limited.

Besides, the prompt action of the FCTA in revoking, demolishing and reallocation of the said plot (Park  862, B03) barely eleven days after the armed robbers invasion of the garden and unfortunate killing of Olumide has left many with unanswerable questions. Coupled with the fact that, “WTL Properties & Estate Limited” were the same people (company) the church are  in court with and it’s still the same people or company that is parading itself as the new allottee if at all there is something of that nature.. 
However, it was reported that the Coordinator of the Abuja Metropolitan Management Council (AMMC), Umar Shuaibu, in his account after the death of Olumide said thugs invaded the garden and killed a security officer in cold blood.
Notwithstanding, while Shuaibu was trying to justify the immediate demolition of the garden after the death of Olumide said, “the choice to destroy the garden so soon after the attack was to deter future law-breakers and protect the lives of the neighbourhood’s residents.
Shauibu further said, ” the facilities will not only be demolished but the allocation has been revoked.”
He argued that FCTA was enforcing the 7pm closing time for parks and gardens because of the peculiar security situation in the nation’s capital.
At this juncture, it will pertinent to find out how many gardens have violated the 7pm closing time since the inception of the directive  and perhaps their sanction, if any.
On the order hand, the management and  members of Likeminds FC are perplexed over the mysterious-armed robbers-link-death of their member and have called on the security agencies, especially the DSS which Olumide untill his death was a staff not to let the death of it late staff be swept under the carpet, adding that the activities of the “FCTA” in connection with the “WTL Properties & Estate Limited” before and after the death of their member has got them thinking who really killed Olumide.

The whole scenario is getting Likeminds FC members grazing and have vowed to get to the root of the matter and to find out who kill their friend, Olumide in his prime or is it the case of the voice Jacob and the hands of Esau?
Meanwhile, the following questions are begging for answers; why is it that a staff of DSS was killed by armed robbers in the said garden and within eleven days FCTA revoked and demolished the garden? And why is it that a land that was allocated for garden and green areas has suddenly becomes a plot for filling station?



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