Insecurity: Hold your governors responsible: Buba Galadima tells Nigerians


Buba Galdima

By Editor

One of the strong men of the All Progress Congress (APC), Buba Galadima has urged Nigerians to hold their state governors responsible for the current wave of insecurity in the country.

Galadima, an ardent critic of president Muhammad Buhari who stressed that the new wave of insecurity in Nigeria was caused by the various state governors made the claim during the National Restructure Actualisation Summit with the theme, “Actualising Restructuring for a Manifestly Great Nigeria” held in Abuja on Thursday.

The Elder-state-man pleaded with Nigerians from other regions not to take the nepotic leadership style of President Muhammadu Buhari  as a northern agenda, claiming that the north in general is the victim of his miss-governance with Katsina his home state being the worst

Meanwhile, Galadima reiterated his condemnation in the agitation for presidency  based on ethnic group, religion or otherwise rather he urged Nigerians to focus their energy in the electoral reform for credible election where the will of the  electorates will always prevail in an election.

The chairman Restructure Actualisation Movement (RAM), Major General Henry Ayoola (rtd).

However, the chairman of Restructure Actualization Movement (RAM), Major General Henry Ayoola (rtd) in an address of welcome said  while a country may be born by Divine Providence, or a rarefied situation or even accident of history, a nation-state must be deliberately, painstakingly, sacrificially and carefully crafted.

According to Ayoola, “Most Nigerians want Nigeria to be great. Most want to live in a New Nigeria that operates as a properly managed modern nation-state, a land of order, law and freedom hinged on equity, fairness and justice.” He said, “Nigerians deserve and desire a society that is knowledge-based, driven by science and technology capable of a strong show in the global arena. A nation that offers limitless possibilities and boundless opportunities characterized by competitiveness, peak performance and productivity with resultant prosperity and progress premised on her enormous endowments.”

He noted that, the current state of the country is a far cry from this lofty ideal hence the yearning and clarion call for change. Consequently, there has been a groundswell of consensus on the critical and urgent need for a holistic and honest restructuring if Nigeria must work for all and sundry.

“ This quest has reached the tipping point to trigger the change Africa, the Black Race and indeed the whole creation have been waiting for – the emancipation and emergence of Nigeria as the consolation and pride of Africa and the Black Race at large. Now is the time and season, welcome to the Golden Era of Nigeria to fulfill what our forefathers and liberators philosophically albeit prophetically referred to as our “manifest destiny”.

“Incontrovertibly, Restructuring is now an expedient, a sine qua non and simply a change whose time has come. This underscored the birth of Restructure Actualisation Movement (RAM), it’s vision is, “a New Nigeria that is a progressive modern nation, knowledge-based, technology-driven that provides a conducive environment as well as offers equitable opportunities for all citizens to optimally realize their potentials and contribute maximally towards Nigeria’s greatness as a relevant and dominant player in the comity of nations pursuant to her emergence as the consolation and pride of Africa and the Black Race at large.”

“RAM is poised to provide a potent platform that will facilitate and drive the actualization of the New Nigeria of our collective dream. The role of RAM also involves helping to orchestrate and dramatise the existing consensus for restructuring thus putting Nigeria on the path of greatness,” he said.


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