Hon Orok applauds President Buhari over fight against insecurity


Honnourable Orok Orok (Center)

A senior National Security expert, Honourable Orok Orok has applauded President Muhammadu Buhari led administration over what he calls ‘genuine tackling of the security situation in Nigeria, despite an attempt by criminal elements to destruct his government through insecurity in the country.

Hon. Orok made this known on Wednesday in Abuja, when he received an Ambassador of Nigeria security award by the People’s Security Monitor.

He said it was God that brought Buhari to lead Nigeria at this time the world is experiencing security challenges with Nigeria inclusive.

Orok noted that security is not a one-man thing, neither is it to be left with the government alone, rather he said all hands must be on deck if Nigeria must overcome security challenges in its entirety.

According to him, the black race is facing numerous security challenges and Nigeria being the most populous black nation in the world is expected to face the largest chunk of security challenges, but he commended the Buhari led FG for leaving to the expectation of providing security to the country.

However, he urged Nigerians to be conscious of their environments, stressing that it is the only way citizens of a country can help the government curb insecurity in their domain.

The business tycoon argued that there is no how terrorism can be eradicated in the world, but insisted that if citizens are cooperating with the government by being conscious of their surroundings and report, every suspicious movement around them to security agencies.

However, he thanked the organizers of the People’s Security Monitor award for recognizing him, adding that the award will spurge him to do more not only in Nigeria but the world over.

Meanwhile, he commended the security agencies in their role to curb insecurity in Nigeria, especially those families who lost their dear ones at the caused of trying to protect the country from criminal elements who are enemies of the state.


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